Grand Opening at Worker Bee Offices

Worker Bee’s Grand Opening was a great day of joy and relief. After months of hard work, we have finally opened for local businesses to work and collaborate in a modern and professional office space. We were extremely happy and thankful for everybody who came to the Opening, the Mayor of Havering was also in attendance with his entourage and gave a speech to honour the opening, “I’m really proud to be asked to come along and open the Worker Bee Offices. They promise to be an innovative high-quality space just seconds away from Romford Station where ingenuity and ideas will flourish. They are state of the art, and I’m sure that they will be a very attractive proposition for those businesses who want to collaborate, co-work and take advantage of the strong support that Havering offers its businesses, both new and established”.

Also invited, was the local press from Romford Recorder, The Enquirer and Time FM to cover the event, the opening of Worker Bee is a great opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs to work together in a collaborative, co-working environment to succeed with the help of each other, together. We invited businesses in the local area also, and we greeted these guests with glasses of champagne and a buffet style lunch, to celebrate the occasion.

Worker Bee Offices aim to provide a place where people and businesses can come together collaboratively to better each other and help all businesses in the Worker Bee Offices grow and flourish.